About Wunderkind Life

Wunderkind Life = Passion + Neuroscience + Travel + Education

Our Mission

To anchor students to learn with passion and lead with compassion

Wunderkind Life is a success coaching and mentoring firm.  We specialize in leading success coaching programs, organizing personalized learning expeditions, and facilitating project-based learning. In other words, Wunderkind mentors travel, learn, coach, and teach passions for a living.  The venture was co-founded by Susan and Sarah, two energetic educators who had met at Harvard.  You can easily find them venturing through international communities because they are on a mission to change the world through positive coaching.

In 2012, our first sister organization, Wunderkind Life Korea, was established in response to the lack of creative learning opportunities and student mentorship programs in Korea.  With the help of the founding team consisting of students, educators, and parents, the following programs have been researched and piloted:

  • Life Coaching Program (Elementary – Middle) 
  • Wunderkind Incubator Lab (Pre-K and up)
  • Mentoring Training Program (Grades 9 – 10) 
  • Leadership Training Program (Grades 11 and up) 

Wunderkind Life is the first of its kind in Korea. We serve as a student project incubator and a coaching institute for leadership training, cross-cultural education, and community service.  Students who are selected for the mentoring and leadership programs undergo personalized coaching and training sessions to develop as cross-cultural, compassionate leaders. The requirements are to independently learn a new language and engage in a personal project related to education, research, or their independent studies.  Students become successful leaders as they learn resilience, learn life skills, and learn to think in interdisciplinary ways. Wunderkind leaders complete the program with a specific project plan in hand as a well-prepared start-up entrepreneur and/or a new college student.

We invite you to join Wunderkind Life’s passionate community of inspiring doers, dreamers, and lifelong learners.  Please add us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter: @WunderkindLife.  Write us any time at info@wunderkindlife.com.  We look forward to creating extraordinary, innovative learning experiences to help you find your passions, flourish your skills, and fulfill your potential!