About Wunderkind Life

Our Mission

To anchor individuals to learn with passion and lead with compassion

Wunderkind Life is a volunteer-run community of mentors who travel, learn, coach, and teach passions for a living.  The initiative was co-founded by Sarah and Susan, two energetic educators who crossed paths in Cambridge, MA. You can easily find the two venturing through international communities because they are on a mission to change the world through positive coaching.

We invite you to join Wunderkind Life’s passionate community of inspiring doers, dreamers, and lifelong learners.  We are seeking contributors and writers to help us develop this site and inspire positive change through postings. Add us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter: @WunderkindLife.  Write us any time at info@wunderkindlife.com.  We look forward to creating and sharing extraordinary, innovative learning experiences to help you find your passions, flourish your skills, and fulfill your potential!